ScribéCom: The Culture of the Message

Just a different way to transmit your words and ideas

You need some content, marketing or whatever?
To create a content means the use of 3 parameters …

The ABOUT, the FORM and the LOOK

1. Object
What you say.
2. Style
How you say it.
3. Presentation
How you show it.

I bring you my skills:
finding ideas, having reflexion, building argues, bringing exemples, correcting texts, optimization, playing with words, writing stories!
An excellent ability to find information online, collect the most useful information and cross-check it.

All this in english

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital storytelling
  • Holistic vision for a complete and coherent communication
  • Visual Impact
  • Content marketing (inbound)
  • Community management when needed
  • Press review
  • Information monitoring
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Newsjacking
  • Articles (with SEO keywords)
  • Names and slogans
  • Wording
  • Argues
  • Advice

I can help you to write your whitepaper in the frame of a blockchain. I propose a global vision as advisor.

FIELDS: startups / environment, ecology, green sector, organic alternatives & sustainable development / blockchain technology & cryptos / culture & all Arts.


My communication agency Scribécom has been operating since 1997.

Before that, I have been a journalist for a few years.
Actually, my father had an advertising agency in Paris in the last century, where I spent time as a child . . . I guess I was a “sponge” then, receiving an impregnation of all the parameters of this job. That’s why I like words and communication with a concept of the work well done.
(As a “zebra”, I can feel the future quickly and see what could be done ahead of time.)

I have become a great surfer on the Internet since the early 90s. The information watch is particularly one of my strengths. And for a decade now, I code and create websites too.
In parallel, I followed developments and changes in the media field. With this pernicious question: does speed and brevity make quality?
To me, no algorithm can replace a human neurone  . . .

This website was made (with love) by a human, thanks to WordPress and is totally AI free content.